Ashley Diane Currie

Actress & Comedienne

Hey, friend!

Now that pleasantries are out of the way, down to business.

As you can see to the right, I just recently had some new KILLER headshots taken. I am obsessed with them, and with the photographer who took them. Elizabeth Keller is an incredible talent. Check out her work at EJKeller Photography.

On November 4th I will be doing stand up in the Yoohoo Room at Flappers in Burbank. Always an awesome time, I love working with these guys. For more info and tickets, check here!

In December I have the distinct pleasure of working with Equine Dell Arte in their winter show, The Gilded Lilies. A poignant and hilarious show about a group of prostitutes in the Old West who are trying to make it to San Francisco after they accidentally kill a John in Kansas City. Unfortunately they find themselves in a small town in Utah that has outlawed prostitution, so they have to pretend to be a traveling Shakespearean acting troupe and put on King Lear. Check out our Facebook!

That's all for now. See you soon!