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Actor & comedian

About Ashley Diane Currie

"Working with Ashley was a sheer joy! She is a passionate and disciplined and delightful collaborator.  Her work shines onstage.  I wasn't alone in looking forward to the rehearsals in which she was featured- the whole cast fell in love with her work and the experience of collaborating with her. Ashley has a natural wit, a gleam in her eye, accompanied by a big-hearted warmth, that make her a unique and delightful presence onstage." - Anya Saffir, director of 'Our Country's Good'

"Ashley Diane Currie is talented, professional and hard-working.  After winning the role of "Dusty McGrath" through a series of auditions, Ashley brought the character to life with heart, commitment and great energy.  She is a true pro; an actor that I would work with again in a heartbeat." - Ingrid Alexander  director of 'Gravel'

"Whether it was instructing her at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting Conservatory in New York, or directing her in JULIUS CAESAR, I can always rely on Ashley to be fearless, energetic, and committed in her work." - Brendan McCall, Director, The International Theater Academy Norway